We are specialized in recruitment of commercial positions. Through our competence, knowledge, network and streamlined processes are we able to help our customers become more efficient, accurate and ultimately increase returns. We give our customers access to our broad network of skilled candidates. StandOut recruit candidates through network relations, external search and through advertisement.



We deliver staffing solutions for both long- and short term needs. StandOut offers temporary workers on a contractual basis. This allows our customers to better adjust to workload fluctuations.


StandOut bears the financial burden of recruiting, screening, testing and hiring; payroll expenses, paperwork, insurance and benefits. As a customer you take risk and pay only for completed work. 



StandOut offers outsourcing services within B2B- and B2C sales. We can assist our customers with sales, project management and staffing in order to increase and improve our customers’ sales activities. Each project is customized and designed to fit with our customers’ services and products. As a customer of ours you will be assigned one project leader and only pay for executed sales (CPO).